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Commission Information

Prices listed here are base prices for personal use. All prices can increase depending on the complexity of each commission, such as detailed character designs, extra props/companions, complicated poses, etc.


Extra characters can be added for a maximum of 3 total characters. The extra price may vary, so contact me with details of the wanted illustration for a quote.

At the moment I'm only offering Skeb-stlye commissions over certain periods. If you want to be notified when these open, you can follow me on social media or subscribe to my email notifications newsletter here.

Base Prices

full illustration

Fullbody: $750 USD
Halfbody: $600 USD
Bust: $450 USD

Comes with full drawn background.
Fullbody illustrations may show 80-90% of the body instead of 100% due to composition reasons.

simple background

Fullbody: $500 USD
Halfbody: $450 USD
Bust: $300 USD

Comes with very simple or transparent background.

Status: CLOSED


Fullbody: $100 USD
Icon/Emote*: $70 USD

Comes with transparent background.

* Icon are chibi busts, can come with very simple background.

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