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Terms of Service - Personal Commissions


  • Once the commission details are settled, we'll proceed with the payment only once I’m able to start working on it.

  • I'll start working on the illustration and continue until finalization.

  • Once the finished commission is finished, I'll send you the full size resolution* on the formats requested.

* Full size resolution is around A4 at 300dpi (2480 x 3507 pixels) for illustrations and 2000x2000 pixels for chibis. It can be a little more or less depending on the aspect ratio I see fits the commission. If you want the commission in any specific aspect ratio/resolution, tell me at the beginning of the commission order. Note that resolutions significantly bigger than the one stated can cost an extra fee.


  • Full payment will be made upfront.

  • Accepted payment methods:
    Wise - Debit/credit card or a local bank transfer in your local currency via Wise Please check the accepted countries/currencies here (your currency must be listed on available to send to and from).
    ACH or Wire bank transfer - US only
    SEPA bank transfer - Europe only
    Interac - Canada only


  • You’re allowed to use the commission in any non-profit way you want. Commercial/profit use* will have an extra fee, which should be discussed beforehand.

  • I may post the finished artwork as well as any WIPs in any websites, stream the drawing process, and use it to promote my commissions or myself. I will not sell your commission as prints or any other product, nor share the full resolution or working files in subscription services such as Patreon, without your explicit permission.

* Commercial use is when the image is used directly or indirectly in a lucrative way. Please note that this includes way more than selling it as merch or directly using it in a project to be sold , so if you're not sure if something falls under personal or commercial usage, please ask me first.


  • On Skeb-style commissions no revisions will be offered. The only circumstance I'll offer revisions in is if I forgot or got wrong a detail from your character design which was properly shown or explained on the information you provided.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • Cancellations are allowed at any time before payment. Once the payment was made, refunds will be given only for the percentage of work left to do. After the commission is finished, there won't be any type of refunds available.

  • If I have any problems that make me unable to finish your commission within a 3 months time frame after payment was made, I'll offer a full refund.

  • I retain the right to cancel the commission for any reason at any time before completion. In such case, you will get a full refund.

  • If a refund is requested by the client, the payment processing/currency conversion fees both ways won't be refunded, as those were paid to the payment service.

Files Storage:

  • Once a commission is finished, approved, and delivered, I’m not responsible for the proper storage of the finished image, and may not be able to deliver it again in case it gets lost.


Changes on any of these terms can be discussed prior to starting the commission(s).

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