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Terms of Service - VTuber Commissions


  •  Once the commission details are settled, we'll proceed with the payment only once I’m able to start working on it.

  • I'll show you the sketch and lineart + base colors of the model and you can request revisions as needed. After those are approved, I'll continue working until finalization.

  • Once the finished model has been approved, I'll send you the .psd file ready to be rigged. I'll be open to adjust the file as needed if requested by the rigger during the rigging process.


  • You can choose to perform the payment in the following ways:
    1) Full payment upfront
    2) Half of the payment upfront, and half once the sketch is approved
    In either case, I will not continue until the payment is received.


  • Accepted payment methods:

    -  ACH bank transfer - US only
    -  SEPA bank transfer - Europe only
    - Debit/credit card or a local bank transfer in your local currency via Wise. Please check the accepted countries/currencies here (your currency must be listed on available to send to and from).


  • Live2D commissions include commercial rights to use the model as you see fit in your commercial activity.

  • I reserve the right to share the image of the model (not the .psd, and only in low resolution) in my portfolio and social media as an example of my work. I will not share any images of the model before you make it public yourself or consent.

  • Having another artist editing or adding new assets to the model/.psd file is not allowed. I'm always open for edits or additions of my previous models if my schedule permits. However, the rigger is allowed to edit or add new small assets if needed (such as parts I didn't consider while doing the art or small expressions).
    This only applies to the model itself. Adding pre-made assets with tools such as VTS item feature or its native color editor is totally fine to do.



  • The amount of free revisions included with Live2D commissions are as follows:
    Sketch phase: 5 rounds of big or minor revisions
    Lineart with base colors: 3 rounds of minor revisions
    Finished model: 3 rounds of minor revisions
    Extra facial expressions/stickers: 2 rounds of big or minor revisions

  • Further revisions will be charged an extra fee, depending on the complexity and amount of work to be redone. The extra fee is valued at $100 USD per working hour (communication included), with a minimum billable time of  15 minutes for model revisions and 10 minutes for extra facial expression revisions.

  • Revisions that are requested by the rigger (for example, cutting some part, etc) generally aren't charged extra unless they require a substantial amount of detail that wasn't mentioned in the commission details.
    A round of revisions is counted as all the feedback you give me after I deliver you the sketch/lineart/finished work, even if multiple things need to be changed. For example: I show you the sketch, you want to change part A, I deliver the revised sketch, you want to change part B. This counts as 2 rounds of revisions. Instead, if I show you the sketch, and you ask me to change part A and part B on the same feedback, it counts as 1 round of revisions.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • Cancellations are allowed at any time before payment. Once the payment was made, refunds will be given only for the percentage of work left to do. After the commission is finished, there won't be any type of refunds available.

  • In the case the client ceases communications in the middle of a commission for 3 months or more, there won't be any type of refunds available no matter the percentage of work completed, and I may not be able to continue with the commission at a later time.

  • If I have any problems that make me unable to finish your commission within a 6 months time frame after payment was made, I'll offer a full refund. The 6-months refund does not apply in the case the slow progress is because of the client's stagnant communication or the scope of work increasing.

  • I retain the right to cancel the commission for any reason at any time before completion. In such case, you will get a full refund.

Files Storage:

  • Once a commission is finished, approved, and delivered, I’m not responsible for the proper storage of the finished file, and may not be able to deliver it again in case it gets lost.


Changes on any of these terms can be discussed prior to starting the commission(s).


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